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Modernize Your Budgeting Process

ClearGov Budgets is a powerful, yet affordable budgeting platform built for cities, towns and school districts

Local governments and schools use ClearGov to:

  • Reduce time managing spreadsheets
  • Identify potential cost savings
  • Make more informed budgetary decisions

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ClearGov has built a community of transparent, data-driven, modern governments. We work with hundreds of local governments and school districts to help them communicate and engage with their community, make more informed and fact-based decisions, and build and manage their budgets and forecasts through a unique software platform.

What is ClearGov?

Create Forecasts with Ease

Utilizing sophisticated regression analyses, ClearGov’s Forecasting application projects revenues and expenditures by funding source and division up to ten years in the future. Forecasts can then be used as the basis for budgeting or simply exported to PowerPoint for internal discussions.

Empower Department Heads with Better Data

ClearGov’s easy-to-understand graphical interface helps you visually identify areas that have historically been under or over budget. You can even integrate forecasting graphs so you can not only understand historical trends but also future trend impacts of your budget adjustments.

Streamline Budget Collaboration

ClearGov Budgets allows you to discuss budget adjustments and attach supporting documentation to budgetary line items. Key stakeholders can quickly get up to speed on how the budget has evolved and then chime in with their own comments.

Increase Visibility into the Budget Process

Publish your budget to your ClearGov Transparency site to allow key stakeholders and even residents to follow the budget as it progresses through the process. You control the timing and level of access, so you can decide which parties can see the budget in progress and when.

ClearGov Budgets automatically creates an audit trail of every change, request, comment and version so you can have record of how the budget progressed.

ClearGov Budgets allows you to create custom Excel exports by specifying the level of details, columns and categories so you can created printed materials with ease.

ClearGov Budgets maintains a repository of documents and spreadsheets that have been appended to the budget, so you don’t need to going searching for supporting materials.

Other Key Features

Audit Trail

Report Writer

Document Repository

Leading Local Governments and Schools Rely on ClearGov

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